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Integral solutions in water treatment.

Member of the National Association of Producers and Distributors of Purified Water.


Our commitment is to provide solutions to industry and households, improving the quality and efficiency of water management whether for human, residual, rain or to optimize the efficiency of any process. We offer quality services in design, installation, start-up, maintenance and technical advice for drinking water treatment and process equipment.


We are a 100% Mexican company committed to ecology so each of our projects are designed to have a sustainable solution that avoids waste and water pollution.


We started 15 years ago with our project to see the outlook, the drought, the increase in population, economic over-exploitation and poor management of resources that have made the shortage of drinking water a serious global problem whose future is foreseen even more disastrous if measures are not taken immediately.


Our strength is the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment to obtain drinking water from any source such as seawater, surface water, rainwater and wastewater.


We offer our services through a formal company that is distinguished by its values.


At QUALITAT, we firmly believe that as experts in water treatment, it is our responsibility to be active participants in the constant improvement of wastewater, pluvial and human consumption management, as well as to share with society our knowledge for an awareness on this subject .

Maquila de agua embotellada

Custom water packaging

Create your brand, We take care of the water.

Bottle maquila for hotels, restaurants, gyms, government offices, etc.


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