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HT series equipment and Residential Reverse Osmosis.


Equipment designed to protect your home, using technologies and methods that are applied to the purification of water at an industrial level.


HT equipment, as well as residential reverse osmosis systems, are placed as the last barrier of protection before you and your family have contact with water.


These equipments are tailored to your needs, analyzing the quality and contaminants of the water that is delivered to your home, in this way, the team will attack accurately and efficiently everything that threatens the health of your home.

Linea HT
Sistema Senado de la Rep, gabinete
osmosis inversa residencial
Senado de la Rep. Sotano
Diagrama Sistema Residencial
tanque preparado
Senado de la Rep Nivel 3
Senado de la Rep. Sotano 2
Osmosis Semi Industrial
osmosis inversa comp.
Sistema Residencial Inst.
Sistema Residencial con base Inox.

Integral Filtration Systems semi-industrial capacity.


Ideal for offices, apartments, condominiums, schools, etc. These fully automatic operation equipment are designed in a compact way to be placed in confined spaces, and supply 100% purified water, in this way, the consumption of bottled water and garrafon can be eliminated.


Equipped with:


Sedimentation filter

Activated Carbon Filter Gac

Activated Carbon Filter Block or Softener

Complete Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Ozone generator

Ozone recirculation system in Ac. Stainless

Control cabinet in Ac. Stainless with

24 hrs automation

Pressurizing system with pump in Ac. Inox

Ultra Violet lamp in Ac. Stainless

Structure in Stainless Steel.

Optional complementary equipment:


Complete Hydropneumatic System

Storage tank in polyethylene for surface or buried.

complete industrial type installation

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