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RO Purified Drinking Water Treatment System

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In QUALITAT DSI, we are proud to have trained professionally in the subject of Reverse Osmosis directly from the hand of one of the pioneers in Mexico in this issue, Quality Water Systems and its director Eng. Abel Contreras Rodriguez, who was a crucial part in the history of the immersion of these equipment in the Mexican water treatment market more than 30 years ago, having been one of the first companies in the country to assemble, design and manufacture reverse osmosis equipment for the manufacture of purified water for human consumption, use in laboratories, etc.


For us it is a privilege, but more than that a responsibility and it is for this reason that during the 15 years of experience that support us, our commitment has been and will always be, being at the forefront in design and manufacturing in reverse osmosis equipment, training us constantly and innovating in design, equipment and manufacturing.

That is why at QUALITAT DSI, we take the design and manufacture of our equipment very seriously, making use of the best software for the design and forecast in addition to using components of the highest quality.


We have purified residential water production equipment with capacities from 26 to 1000 gallons per day. Equipment designed to work under the tarja in Kitchens of Homes, Restaurants, Offices, etc.


Industrial equipment with membranes of 4 "x 40", memebranas of 8 "x 40" and productions that go from 1 to 80 gallons per minute as well as all the components, spare parts and accessories of the highest quality for reverse osmosis equipment for industrial use and semi-industrial.

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